Meeting Date: 2nd Monday of every month
Time: 7:00pm
Place: USD 408 District Office 101 N Thorp Marion, Kansas


The Board of Education of USD 408 will provide the facilities, staff, curriculum, and supplies necessary for all students to be highly successful. To that end, the Board expects all grade levels tested to reach the standard of excellence.

The Board of Education of USD 408 will ensure that every student of USD 408 is provided the opportunity to be successful upon graduation, by offering a wide range of curriculum and activities which meet the needs of each student.

The Board of Education of USD 408 believes that strong leadership is essential for a school district to be highly effective. Therefore, the board will set high expectations for itself and its members as district leaders. The Board will also expect the superintendent and building principals to be highly organized and to be strong educational leaders who create excellence in student and teacher performance through their leadership.

The Board of Education of USD 408 will remain committed to emphasizing that quality curriculum instruction leads to student success. The Board expects the staff to teach students to master the curriculum and not teach to state assessments.


Nick Kraus, President

Mitch Guetterman

Jan Helmer, Vice President

Steven Janzen

Justin Dameron

Doug Regnier

Jillian Edmundson